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The DBS Token




DBS ERC-20 Deflationary Token.

Authored and executed by volunteers from Decentralized Business Systems,

for the betterment of participants and to provide proof of honesty within the space.


Fundamental Workings of The DBS token:

DBS Token Address: 0x4f7aff8f0c78b51c0e30f02f27a67b5a6a11552b

The DBS Token is Currently on the Ethereum Network

The DBS Token employs a 1.1.1 % fee on every transfer,

this can certainly be looked at as a 3% tax, however:

Participants could look at this mechanism as the most efficient means of expediting

the overall development and maturation of the project.

The first 1% of the 3% tax is split in two:

.50% is directed to DBS token holders.

This portion of the tax is a reflection reward for holding DBS tokens

and contributing to the project.

This mechanism supports the prospect of long-term engagement of all holders

regardless of one's holdings.

Simply by holding DBS your position will consistently increase with each and every DBS transaction  

.50% is directed directly to the Liquidity Pool; this forever ensures sustainable liquidity.  

The second 1% of the 3% tax is autonomously burned forever:  

This mechanism makes the DBS token a deflationary cryptocurrency asset.

Every time a transaction takes place with DBS, 1% of that transaction is removed (i.e. "burned") from the total supply. This dramatically increases the scarcity of every DBS token in circulation.


Additionally, this means that every time a DBS token is used or transferred, the value of the remaining DBS tokens in circulation is increased by permanently decreasing the total supply(deflation).  


The third 1% of the 3% tax is directed to the project funding wallet.

All proceeds directed to the project funding wallet are used collectively used by the development team for the project.

Premium products often require premium support services.


The DBS token Development Team responsibly uses these proceeds for implementation costs required to meet the project's goals of future international utility, and for the fees associated with legal compliance.

Any extra support be it donations to the development wallet or volunteering to promote the project is very welcome.

As of this writing, the project relies entirely on the community for marketing. 

Public Relations Resources
Project Milestones

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