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how to avoid high gas fees and slippage with

Target date for listing : July 1 2022

** this method requires KYC verification and the CoinCasso Terms of Service.

Buy Ethereum (ETH)

you can purchase ETH from the exchange of your choice. 

Send ETH CoinCasso

this is your wallet on the exchange make sure you use the correct deposit address


Trade your ETH for DBS using the swap or live market spot trading.

Send DBS to your storage wallet

to earn passive reflection rewards store your DBS in a personal wallet.

-You can purchase new crypto with Fiat through CoinCasso.

-You will be charged tokenomics "tax" when transferring from the exchange to your storage wallet

-You will not collect reflective passive rewards from the tax if your DBS are held on the Exchange.

-Always save your seed keys and never give them to anyone, if they need them its a scam.

-Always Tripple check your deposit and withdrawal addresses, mistakes in this step can result in loss of coins/tokens.


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