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DBS ERC-20 Deflationary Token.

Decentralized Business Systems 

DBS Token Address  


The DBS Token Currently on the Ethereum Network

The DBS Token utilizes a 1.1.1 tax on every transfer equating to a 3% tax fee. 

The first 1% tax is split in two:  

50% is directed to DBS token holders. This portion of the tax is a reflection reward for  holding tokens and contributing to the project. Simply by holding DBS your position will  consistently increase with each and every DBS transaction  

50% is directed to the Liquidity Pool ensuring sustainable liquidity.  


The second 1% tax is autonomously burned forever:  

This mechanism makes the DBS token a deflationary cryptocurrency asset. Every time a  transaction takes place with DBS, 1% of that transaction is removed (i.e. "burned") from  the total supply. This dramatically increases the scarcity of every DBS token in circulation. Additionally this means that every time a DBS token is used or transferred, the value of the remaining DBS tokens in circulation is increased by permanently decreasing the total supply(deflation).  

The Third 1% tax is directed to a development wallet often referred to as the charity wallet.

This wallet is used collectively for covering the final development costs for the deployment  of our Applications. These proceeds will be placed for-sale on p2p exchange to not affect the liquidity pool and are primarily reserved for equipment costs and legal compliance fees, as of this writing the project relies entirely on the community for marketing. 


The above wallet is the development wallet , should you wish to help speed things along, you can send donations to the above, do you have your own project? send one over maybe we can become friends along the way.
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