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Building a Blockchain to take us higher.

A true Proof-of-Stake consensus that enables every single user to stake without any requirement for a minimum amount of coins or computing power



Low Predictable Transaction fee structure. 



One-click installers for running a node on an average household USB plugged into your computer or router.



Ethereum VM support provides full compatibility and easy migration of Ethereum DAPPS and Ethereum smart contracts.



Holders can stake their coins and gain their share of the transactional economy from the Blockchain and from all other DAPPS, tokens, and businesses that run their projects on the DBS Blockchain.



Fees from the transactional economy shared with the ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, EIP1559 smart contracts will be accredited on a protocol level with a portion of the fees their project generates through their transactions.

Developer Friendly

Teams are incentivized to create on DBS Blockchain with scaled fees to reward creators. 


Ethereum VM support provides full compatibility and easy migration of Ethereum DAPPS and Ethereum smart contracts. 

Data and Acceleration

Enterprise solutions can incorporate their systems with the DBS Blockchain for speed, security, and reliability, taking advantage of substantially lower costs.

Truly Decentralized

A True Proof of Stake blockchain;

nominal hardware requirements allow virtually any holder to take advantage of the staking economy.

The Decentralized Business System will operate with a decentralized governance protocol designed to adapt to many different scenarios harmlessly and constructively.


Many blockchain settings will be available for a vote by holders and can be changed as required.


The intention behind this is for flexibility as it allows the community to maintain the ability to steer the project in the right direction.


Voting examples are listed below:


-Adding new admins

-Removing admins

-Increase/Decrease the Gas limit (UTXO layer)

-Increase/Decrease the Gas rate (EVM Layer Gas)

-Increase/Decrease the block size

-Increase/Decrease the transactional economy 

 (reimbursement to token creators) 

-Increase/Decrease the protocol burn rate 

-Increase/Decrease the protocol inflation rate 

Chains that support smart contracts do not incentivize developers for their contribution to the network. Thus, outside the ability to build a profitable business around the chain, developers face a pay-to-play environment; this is a decisive limiting factor to the overall development of any digital ecosystem.


Many globally practical applications do not necessarily allow for a profit to be applied nor the need for tokenization.


This revolutionary new Blockchain provides a shared economy that sustainably incentivizes creators. The creators who contribute to its adoption benefit from the transactions they generate, regardless of their business model. 


Put simply, Developers, Creators, and Enterprises alike will be rewarded each time their project has an interaction because, after all, YOU are bringing traffic to the network; shouldn't YOU be rewarded?


Reducing the enormous amount of transactional gas consumption with high transaction counts while rewarding creators makes the DBS Blockchain a unique and friendly opportunity for Defi.


The Decentralized Business System


A Digital Meritocracy

Current Exchanges


creating a better future

The DBS ERC-20 token provides holders with a deflationary token that automatically earns rewards with each transaction and proof of ownership.


Holders will be hardcoded into the genesis block and receive our native blockchain token at launch.  


View the Tokenomics:

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