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DBS Defi Hub

100% non-custodial, your wallet is your wallet and you are in control , you simply connect to our portal and connect to the top Decentralized Exchanges. What if I don't have a wallet at all, can I create one at the portal? although it is capable this feature will not be enabled until after the upgrade. Be sure to write down your seed keys, we dont have them, we dont want them and we cant help if you lose them.

What networks are supported?

Why do I see "Uniswap v2" and "Aggregator"

We offer a Dex Aggregator to search for the best availible price at the cheapest availible route. as well as a direct option to the most popular network specific option , in the case of the Ethereum network - Uniswap V2 What Tokens/coins can I find here? your in control of that , if you know a project you want to be a part of connect to the hub , and search the token , if its not in the list you can manually add it with the contract address and let the aggregator do the work. What is an Aggregator and what does it do? A Dex Aggregator is essentiallly a dorway to all of the Decentralized Exchanges with 1 purpose , to get you the most value for your trade from different connected decentralized exchanges . Instead of going to DEXs separately to check liquidity and trade price impact, or to check the price our Aggregator can access the liquidity pools of many decentralized exchanges from our hub and find you the best value at the cheapest gas cost. What are Atomic Swaps? Atomic swaps are automatic exchange contracts that allow two parties to trade tokens from two different blockchains. This mechanism completely eliminates the need for centralized third-party entities to execute trades. This maintains the autonomy of crypto users and enables trustless transactions in which users do not need to know one another and are void of counterparty risks. the trustless, peer-to-peer nature of atomic swaps, it is one of the few truly decentralized trading techniques.

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