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Mobula Finance - decentralized data aggregator owned by you.

The $400,000,000 problem: What is a decentralized data aggregator? Why is it needed? Is it technically possible? YES ,And our friends at Mobula finance are doing just that!

Crypto & Data: a love story The crypto world needs data. Data on the price of assets, data on the quality of those assets (volume, liquidity...), data on the projects around the assets (website, logo of a crypto-token). Exchanges, tools, traders, investors - everyone needs this data. CoinMarketCap, the largest crypto data aggregator, has 300,000,000 visitors per month and was purchased by Binance for $400,000,000 USD in August 2021 Crypto data aggregators are centralized institutions CoinMarketCap is a centralized aggregator, it takes weeks to be listed for a crypto-asset if you don't know an 'insider', only 18,000 assets are listed on the platform. Same goes for CoinGecko and the others.

This leads to a lot of problems: trust issues on the data processing, market manipulation, centralization of the data on servers, general inefficiency... Moreover, the potential of an app like CoinMarketCap can be fully unlocked only if merged with DeFi and Web3 technologies. Imagine a CoinMarketCap owned by its users, redistributing the profit generated by the platform to them, allowing them to analyze their holdings directly as they connected their wallet...

Also, the fact that data aggregators currently use Web2 technologies makes it impossible for dApps to integrate relational information (token logo, website, etc.) properly. The team behind Mobula created multiple crypto tools and felt this problem. Weeks of interviews were conducted with dApp developers and the answers were overwhelming. The majority of the dApps did not want to integrate external APIs due to technical incompatibilities, and the others integrated centralized solutions and were actively looking for decentralized and seamless alternatives. Introducing Mobula, the decentralized data aggregator.

Mobula dApp (Alpha v0.1) To make it simple, you can think about Mobula as the Web3 version of CoinMarketCap - like Brave for Chrome. Here is what makes Mobula interesting for the crypto ecosystem:

100% Decentralized : data collection via smart-contracts, data processing via DAOs, data emission via IPFS (we will cover that later)

Efficient : listing process 26x quicker than CoinMarketCap

Accurate: data is subjected to two stages of decentralized processing

Easy to integrate for dApps: 3 lines of code to get access to Mobula's API.

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