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The Decentralized Business System

The DBS flagship platform's goal is to enable you to be in full control of your finances, with future in mind for both businesses and individuals, we are building for independency and self-sovereignty. The goal of DBS is to make both Decentralized and Fiat finances freely accessible to as many as possible, by developing applications and supporting independent projects and Community Powered Utilities that enable new use-cases and markets. The DBS Token will be used as a bridge currency for foreign Fiat transactions.

Empowering the community with a solution that will seamlessly allow them to leverage DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to provide their solution with a secure encrypted safe immutable private ledger and unrivaled traceability. With seamless Fiat on / off ramping, payroll and employee management, real-time settlement P.O.S allowing individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and the like to control services, products and inventory, and process sales transactions while having the freedom to choose the payment method, be it local currency, top cryptocurrencies or their own brands token and the freedom to choose how to handle these transactions.

Eg. accept $£€¥100 in BTC, instantaneously sell 1-100% of the transaction for local currency and deposit directly to your DBS Fiat account with digital and physical cards (eg Visa/Mastercard).

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